Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another Chill In The Meridian

It was pleasant to hear Dave O'Brien back in the booth with Joe C. on Monday evening, after our long walk through the Radio Badlands with Glenn Geffner over the last two weeks or so.

Memo to Jason Wolfe, or RS management, or The Pope, or Whoever Can Stop This Embarassment:


I have said it before: the lack on continuity when O'Brien is on is highly annoying. He has (maybe) seen excerpts from a few Red Sox games over the last two weeks, but doesn't have the flow of play, nor should he. If Geffner were a decent broadcaster (he's not), then it would still be annoying, but less so.

In Monday's game, O'Brien talked a whole lot about the Blue Jays, hearkening back to the July series in Toronto. That's because that was the series he worked with Geffner, so had to really dig in. There have been, what, 50 games since then? he has done maybe 10? It's disjointed.


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