Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cool, Now I'm A "They" (subtitled: Shoot The Messenger)

It's always nice to be described in a comparison citing Adolph Hitler, don't you think. And so, a Geffner apologist on an anonymous radio message board has done that to your old pal, LC:

Shuttling between Maine and Mass during the last few weeks (I plan my trips to coincide with the Sox games. They last, more or less, as long as the trip), I've listened to Geffner and find him not half bad and much improved since the start of the season. In fact, I've found him pretty decent in describing whats happening on the field, as good or better as half the announcers I've listened to around the country. Geffner ain't great, but he'll do.

As a documentarian once said, give me enough footage and an editing machine, and I'll make Mother Teresa come across like Adolf Hitler. In a like manner, 38Cliches' (whoever the **** they are) sniping doesn't do much for me. I notice that they keep trotting out mostly the same goofs all the time. Let me know who their favorite announcers are, and give me tape of enough games, and I'll make any of them sound like Norm Crosby.

The fact that Geffner has just been a place holder for O'Brien has been common knowledge for at least 6 months (it was why Geffner was hired.) I guess there had to be someone who didn't get the word.

Ok, I give up. That's brilliant exposition. For the record, I have included positive things about Geffner and started out opposed to O'Brien, but I have come around. If there were more positive things people said about Geffner, you would see them here.


Steve said...

Dale Arnold is that you??

j.e. said...

LC! so glad to see everything is back up and running. cheers!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that they say that him being a "placeholder" for Dave O'Brien has been common knowledge for six months. Can anyone document this? When was it first(or ever) announced that the intention was for him to keep O'Brien's seat warm?

We also have evidence(or "common knowledge" if I may use it as loosely as this person did) that this job was promised to him when luring him from San Diego. Do you reasonably expect that, YEARS ago, LL told Geffner that if he came to Boston, he'd have a chance to be a "placeholder for a Dave O'Brien" in 2007? That seems unlikely.

Anyone who can get Larry to explain this would be my hero.