Friday, September 21, 2007

Merry Christmas (subtitled: "You're Welcome")

Well, ain't that a kick in the the shorts, Glennski?

Dave Scott of Scott's Shots reliably reports that

a source familiar with the specifics of Dave O'Brien's contract has confirmed that "Obie" will be in the Sox radio booth for at least 135 games next season. The source also verified that stalwart Joe Castiglione will be returning and that Geffner's role will be either greatly reduced or non-existent.

Tra-la, tra-la

Scott notes:

This, once again, is a sign that the front office actually does listen to its fan-base. Geffner was a gaff, but it was also reward for some dedicated service. If the Sox can launch Geffner into another market for further polishing, it would be a win-win for all involved. He's not without tools, he just needs to get more reps.

(If you say so)

Scott also acknowledges that this modest little blog spoke up early and often about l'affaire Geffner. Dave actually emailed me last week when the blog was down, so I appreciate the support.

In any case, it ain't over until Glenn Geffner squeaks his last, so please add to the pileonathon at the Sawx and Dogs petition. There are some hilarious comments, which lead me to believe that I have not been posting in vain all year.


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