Monday, September 10, 2007

Mo (mentum)

The "legitimate" press (as opposed to dyspeptic bloggers such as myself) is cranking up the "Geffner Must Go" campaign.

Chadd Finn (I know, he's a blogger, but a recognized source) made a plea over the weekend:

All right, Geffner, we'll say it one more time: Put down the media guide and step away from the microphone, and no more eardrums have to get hurt. (Please, somebody tell me that the rumors Dave O'Brien will be full-time next season are true. Please. I'm begging here.)

This was picked up by Art Martone of the ProJo today in his ProJo Sox blog:

THUMBS UP AND THUMBS DOWN: Chad Finn, on his Touching All The Bases blog, has props for Coco Crisp and Terry Francona, advocates replacing J.D. Drew with Jacoby Ellsbury, and pleads with the Sox to remove Glenn Geffner from the radio broadcast team.

Hey, me too. Please make it go away.

Under the lies, damn lies, statistics and then there's Geffner department, two examples from Sunday's game:

Glenn on the mike. He says the Red Sox and Orioles are the two best defensive teams in the league, based upon number of errors committed. Joe, off mike, but unable to contain himself, chimes in: "But the Orioles have no range. They can't get close enough to balls to make an error". Glenn agrees. Joe goes down the defensive roster of the Orioles and basically says each one of them is worthless. Glenn agrees. So much for the argument that the Orioles are good defensively.

Then, in the post-game show, Glenn and Joe interview Papelbon. In his first question Glenn repeats what he has said about 20 times already, that Papelbon set down 26 hitters in a row without a hit (until the 9th on Sunday). He asks Pap if he was aware of this statistical feat. Papelbon, a baseball man (unlike Glenn), says, well no, "But I knew I was going pretty good"

In summary, Geffner uses the crutch of meaningless statistics to fill in the gaps in his baseball knowledge. he has no feel for the game and you can't mention any former player from more than 4 years ago and elicit any extemporaneous comment from him.

Let's put an end to this.


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