Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Petition

As mentioned in a previous post, Sox and Dawgs has a petition going to dump Geffner.

It is really gaining steam.

There are some fascinating comments by people who are taking the time to vote, which I will try to reproduce here.

I am a professional actor and acting teacher at Northwestern University. I have worked as a performer and teacher and public speaker for 20 years in theaters, TV, film, commercials, and voice overs. I have some sense of a persons ability as a public speaker/broadcaster. Geffner is flat out atrocious. His sense of framing the drama of the game, of description, of timing, are bad. The quality of his speaking voice, from its resonance, and particularly to its enunciation are horrific -- purely amatuer. I was stunned when I first heard him, and thought he was a one day emergency fill in. I have stopped listening to games when he is in the booth. It is almost an absudity that he has the position -- he IS NOT A PRO. Period. The conflict of interest, what with his other position, adds fuel to the urgency of replacing him.

After working in minor league baseball, I can assure you that most, if not all Eastern League radio guys and the interns who serve as color commentators, were and are better than Glenn Geffner. It infuriates me that I am forced to listen to such a low quality product. It was bad enough that the team unceremoniously dumped Sean McDonough over Thanksgiving weekend. Stop branding everything as part of the nation and forcing us to take it. Absurd.

Geffner sounds like he is broadcasting a college baseball game when it's cold and wet and we are watching the game from the car in the parking lot.

Geffner is horrible. He lacks charisma, baseball knowledge, emaotion, and every characteristic associated with a good play by play announcer.

Geffner has completely ruined the experience of listening to Sox games on the radio. His style is so generic and boring, it sounds like he's reading PSA's instead of calling a game. Please get rid of him

Geffner provides too much robotic, encyclopedic analysis and not enough real, experienced baseball analysis and commentary. He throws far too many stats and facts at you and not enough description of the game. Also, the most annoying part of his delivery and dialogue is the fact that he rarely changes his tone or voice.

Man, I thought I was the only one. Glenn Geffner is horrible. It's an insult to me as a true Red Sox fan that I have to listen to him on a nightly basis when I'm in the car. He brings absolutely nothing to the table.

've been meaning to write this letter all summer. As a diehard Sox fan (my entire life) who lives in California, I rely almost entirely on the radio for Sox game coverage. Mr. Geffner is possibly the most annoying announcer I have ever heard. Every game he calls makes me moan with disappointment. I only turn the volume up for Joe C. Please , I beg of you, give us some relief. Joe Castiglione is fabulous- he's the voice of summer and a big reason I continue to follow the Red Sox.

The long, silent breaks kill me. I still look at my stereo at times, wondering if my children unplugged it. Summer Red Sox baseball on the radio used to be one of life's great joys.

I often refer to Geffner as "the intern" that the Sox hired. Glad to hear I'm not the only one.

Glen Geffner has to go. The radio experience has been turned upside down. And not for the better. Please look into a replacement for him.

Geffner is pathetic, get rid of him

I'm not even a Sox fan - I'm a Yankees fan, and this guy sounds BRUTAL


Dylan Stuart said...

I hope Glenn Geffner is let go after this year. I got so tired of listening to college radio baseball all summer. I was able adjust to Dave Obrien after the first couple weeks of the year, but Geffner has gone the other way for me.

Anonymous said...

"Gleffner" needs to get some experience announcing local 7-8 year old tee ball games.