Thursday, September 6, 2007


Over at a radio message board, a discussion has ensued concerning the awkwardness of Glenn Geffner interviewing last weeks Shaw's kids winner last week.

I have spoken of this before, but it appears others are just catching on.

Could this have been the worst moment in Boston radio over the past ten years?

Glen Gefner interviewing a seven year-old Yankees fan that won a Shaw's contest and got to speak on the radio yesterday. Any questions about Gefner's talent can now be put to rest. It was an uncomfortable moment for all involved, made Shaws, the Red Sox and WRKO look bad and most importantly; took away from the ball game.

And to make matters worst, the kid, when he would actually speak, had better pipes than Gefner. Way to go, RKO!
Anyway, I heard Joe C. say [during Bucholz' no-hitter] at one point "Glenn has gone down into the locker room in case
we need to talk to Clay" and I thought thank God! The "call" will be done by Joe C. and not Glenn!
I think he prob would have done the 9th anyway, but still.

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