Wednesday, September 5, 2007

So Few Compliments, So Much Time On The Air

Here's a guy who has at least said a positive thing or two about Glenn Geffner this year.

But, even now, the welcome is wearing thin, retreating into ill-conceived comparisons with Actual Baseball People:

So, we've almost completed a full season of Glen Geffner being Castiglione's part-time partner. Reviews have been less than stellar...I have to say, I see why people don't like him, but I also saw why people didn't like Pedroia in April...It's just like anything else, give the guy time. You just may get used to him. He'll get more comfortable, and he does know his baseball...Geffner could become a booth staple--or it could be "Goodbye, Mr. Balding." We'll see if he's back next year....

and a commenter to that piece wrote:

I guess my problem with him is that you never know what's happening. One time during a drive, it went like "a fly ball to crisp...crisp moves back...and it's gone" in a complete monotone. I thought i misheard him say "gone", and was confused for like 10 seconds.

Whether 3x5 is short and balding doesn't matter (just don't make him stand next to Ken Ryan on NESN ever again). I don't think he knows that much about baseball, at least the history and fabric of the game. If by "knowing baseball", you mean being able to slice statistics into meaningless comparisons, then you are bang on correct. (e.g. "Julio Lugo is batting .426 in day games since July 11 with runner on 1st and third with nobody out away from home).

Those comparisons remind me of when I used to go to Memorial Stadium in Baltimore in the 1970's. On the scoreboard, they would always put up some statistic which made the batter seem invincible: e.g. "John Lowenstein is batting .355 with runners in scoring position when facing lefties" The only batter that they couldn't slice very good numbers for was Mark Belanger, who was an amazing defensive shortstop (this was before Cal Ripken). I remember one night, they finally gave up. When Belanger came to the plate, the scoreboard displayed the following message: "Mark's mother crochets blankets in her spare time"



Mike said...

Saturday night Geffner just trampled on a broadcast tradition. DO NOT MENTION THAT IT IS A NO HITTER.

Joe never did in the 8th and ninth, but Geffner must have said it 20 times in the 6th and 7th.

It is getting to the point that I listen to the spanish station when he is on. AND I DON'T SPEAK SPANISH.

ish said...

All I really want to know is who will be calling the games in the post-season. That's the most important thing to me. Will Geffner do any? If so, which ones? What will Obie be doing during the playoffs?

The Red Sox and Entercom have given one of the most coveted jobs in sports to a guy who doesn't come close to fitting the character worthy of such a position. Maybe this was just for this year. Okay. But the post-season is an entirely different animal.

There's no way you can tell Red Sox fans who listen to the radio that you appreciate them and care about them when you have someone of the likes of Glenn Geffner manning the mic alongside one of the best baseball men calling the game today. For one regular season, you could let it slide, but not in the postseason. The playoffs are different.