Monday, September 10, 2007

"This has got to stop"

Ken, over at Fang's Bites (who turns out to be a reader of Orbitcast as well) reported on this morning's post an offered a cri de coeur on his own behalf.

Read the whole post, but here's a tid-bit:

Usually, you're supposed to improve as the season progresses. Not Glenn. He's gotten worse. Not three steps forward. More like ten steps back.



kzfone said...

Thanks for the link, LC. And you're an Orbitcast reader too! Excellent


ish said...

I love how the Red Sox came back from a 7 run defecit, and Youk hits a 3 run triple to take the lead. I'm not listening to the radio, but I'm just sad to know that Geffner called that triple. Probably one of the most exciting games of the season so far, and Glenn Geffner calls the majority of this comeback. Ugh.