Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Game 4 LCS Live Blog

What better way to exorcise the demons than to serve up a family favorite: Live blogging of Glenn Geffner's performance on the WRKO/Shaw's Red Sox Radio Network, Brought to you By Shedd's USA and the Guy Who Does The Lambada At The Poker Table With Showtunes Going Off In His Head?

I thought not.

Go Wake, by the way.
[Rain Delay? No...]
{Crap, I just realized that Geffner now has a voice clip in the pregame billboard, just before Joe's call of the Mother's Day Miracle} That doesn't seem right.

Dude is really crankin' tonight: chuggachuggachuggachuggachuggachuggachugga

[ Top First Inning]

hmm, Joe just called Pedroia Peralta.

Glen asks Joe what Alex Cora told him on the pregame show...
Otherwise, blissful silence.

[Bottom First]

Did Joe really have to mention the ABoone game was 5 years ago today? [It was 4, by the way]

Sizemore steals a base, out come the notecards on stealing against Wake and 'Belli. [I actually wrote that last sentence before Geffner piped up and said just that]

Glenn has little to offer on Joe Torre.

Joe mentions Bobby Bonilla. silence. before Glenn's time. [but he knows that V Martinez was signed as a shortstop]

[Top Second]

Glenn: Paul Byrd throws a lot of strikes.

Joe awkwardly pauses after JD Drew [shockingly] strikes out. Glenn has nothing. Joe reads a dropin for the Lottery or something.

Joe serves up another one: "They've been working Coco inside quite a bit". Glenn has nothing. Again.

Maybe he went out for a hoagie.

[Bottom Second]

Joe says the Sox have been ahead of everybody since 4/18 [which, by the way, is a pretty meaningless observation] until today. Glenn immediately repeats it, mentioning that he talked to T Francona today.

Glenn says for the second time in 20 minutes that Wakefield has rarely faced Cleveland (once) in the last two years.

[Top Third!!!! It's Glenn Time!!! Well, actually not so much, since Joe is right up on the mike, leaving nothing to chance]


Joe is really pulling Glenn through this.....he's providing an immediate observational bridge after virtually each Geffner disgorgement of a useless factoid. (something about Byrd throwing some pitch 80% of the time when the count is 3-1).


First nine starts, final 22 starts, etc.etc. My tiny little brain is spinning.

Pedroia has been "junping" at pitches and "swinning" the bat rather wildly "of late".

Pedrioa gr OUNDs one into right field for a base hit.

Ortiz has stats against P Byrd. Many of them.

You hear the crack of the bat and a 1-2 second delay before Glenn says what happened.


If the RS win tonight, someone will take a 3-2 lead after Game 5.

[Bottom third]

Cleveland bats in the "bal-hast" of the third. Started to say bottom, but maybe that's little saucy, so he switches to last.

If he says "the outside black" one more time, I may gnaw my foot off.

The words "to order" have been transformed into "choo-order" [stub-hub dropin]

wow, Kenny Lofton has faced Wakefield a lot, others less so.

Guess what, Wakefield hasn't seen much of the Indians in the last few years [third mention of that factoid]

Ohboy, first Wake pitch count mention, let the flood gates open.

"Asdrubal" is not a word Glenn is comfortable with.

[Top Four]

Did he just say that Eric Gagne could redeem himself with a good performance in October? Did October start yesterday?

[Bottom Four]

second pitch count reference...

John Elway was an Oneonta Yankee

Joe says a 9-day layoff might not favor the Rockies. Glenn immediately says the long layoff may be a problem for the Rockies.

Geff went into a homerun call on Peralta's flyball, only to discover that there was no home run. Glenn then mistakes the hitting coach for the manager, thinking that Wedge was arguing whether the ball was a home run. There was no argument.

[Top 5]

Unlike Joe, Glenn is absorbed by the soundproofing in the studio and is not to be heard...must be time for another hoagie.

oops spoke too soon. the light towers, although they look like toothbrushes, are supposed to look like smokestacks on steel mills.


[Bottom 5]

Glenn: crappy hitters bat better against Wakefield because they have slow bats. I don't know what to make of that....
I don't know....

things are falling apart....Geff, if he says something, basically repeats what Joe just moaned.

2-0 Tribe....

6-0 Tribe...



I'm sorry. I was going to let this go, and ignore the fact that Geffner totally abandoned Joe C during the 7-run bottom of the 5th. I mean, isn't that just piling on?


In the top of the 6th, Glenn, with the call, says that the 7 run bottom of the 5th was the worst inning in the playoffs for the Red Sox since (I think) 1995.

Didn't that guy see the game, I don't know
, three days ago, in which, to the best of my knowledge, the Indians scored 7 runs in the 11th inning.

I quit. The guy has no clue.


Oh sweet mother of karma, Geffner did the "goodbye" on Manny's 3rd hr in a row.

Am I back in? I don't know. But get this dude off my radio.


ish said...

Just listening to the musical intro/advertisements at the beginning of the show tonight, and they had the balls to play Geffner's call of the 4th home run in a row earlier in the season.

All I heard was hideous SQUEAKS!!! Not good if you have a headache!

LC said...

yup, ish, wrote that as you were writing your comment.


kzfone said...

Goofie is now on the open???? Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!

LC said...

It's troubling ,Ken

The King said...

Do you think Joe is secretly hoping that the season ends tonight so that he can be through with Geffner?

Hope you do this through the next few games even if O'Brien get the mic.