Friday, October 19, 2007

Glenn Geffner Takes A Stand

Took the easy way out with Game 5 of the ALCS and mostly watched Fox.

Why, I don't know. McCarver and Buck may be the most ill-informed gentlemen out there. You'd think, that facing down an Indians-Rockies WS, they would at least have some positive words for the Red Sox. Nope. But, you have to see Coco's futility in real time to appreciate just how wrong it is that J. Ellsbury is not playing.

They absolutely killed Manny, on everything. Grow up, boys, the guy is a savant. You're not.

An who knew that if you put enough yellow tape on top of a fence that you can take away home runs? Maybe that's a rule, but that's a really bad rule.

Fox split an aneurism defending the ump's call, so I turned to Geffski and Joe. They were just as hideously anti-umps as Fox was pro.

Yes, we are all wrapped up in this thing, so I guess I will just surrrender to it now.


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ish said...

At least they didn't go gently into the good night.