Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Got Geffner?

Aside from the sheer joy that Your Boston Red Sox will be playing during the last week of October, and maybe into November(!), the World Series means that there is no Red Sox Radio Network, and thus, Glenn Geffner will be absent from the air in such places as Berlin, Putnam, St. Albans and Millinocket. See, under broadcast rights deals, the World Series radio broadcasts are exclusive to The Alleged Worldwide Leader.

With exceptions.

The local flagship in Boston (WRKO[WEEI on Wednesdays--Game 1 and 6]) and in Denver (KOA) will have the home crews calling the game, just for that signal. The Red Sox spanish flagship (WROL) has the same deal.

So, with Dave O'Brien still doing MLB International, Joe C and Glenn Geffner will be limited to those people who can get the 50kw WRKO signal.

Of course, those feeds will be available on

More importantly, if you haven't had enough of Glenn yet (and who doesn't want more?), it's all on XM Radio: All three broadcasts, plus the nationwide ESPN Feed. Read about what XM has in store here and here

A caution (and I am a big XM honk), the delay between the XM feed and the TV feed is on the order of 3-4 seconds (given the number of audio legs the signal travels to get to your XM unit), so turning down Tim McCarver ("the team that scores first generally takes the lead") is not a realistic option.

However, if/when the Sox get to the clinching moment, this is a necessity (assuming they do not clinch in the 10th inning and Glennski is on the mike). In '04 I was in the desert in Northern Arizona listening on the over-the-air broadcast from ESPN in my rented car. However, when the ninth inning came around, I went back to my hotel room, and listened to Joe ("Stabbed by Foulke") on a dialup connection


kzfone said...

When XM merges with Sirius, you'll see what you've been missing, LC. LOL.

Yeah, listening to Glenn has been torture. It pained me to think that he called the Dustin Pedroia clinching home run on Sunday.

LC said...

True, Ken. I have access to Sirius and, other than the single artist channels (Grateful Dead, etc.), I think Eric Logan does a better job supervising the programming of XM.

Plus, on XM I don't have to listen to Howard clicking his false teeth.


ish said...

I'd love to be able to somehow get the 2004 audio of the playoffs with Joe and Jerry. It's probably impossible, but it's not like these things get deleted. Have you ever thought about that sort of thing?

The King said...

Any idea if 103.7 FM in CT will carry the games?

kzfone said...

WEEI-FM will not carry the WS feed.

raccoonradio said...

The Red Sox Radio Network will be on WEEI for games 1 and 6 continuing the tradition of "Wed. Night Sox". Not WRKO their alleged flagship station. I have trouble picking up WEEI at
work, and I work nights. (If they
aired on 93.7, their sister
station, I'd have no prob at all
where I work. 'RKO is fine,
'EEI isn't...)

WRKO is your flagship station
for Red Sox baseball, except
when they're on WEEI instead.

ish said...

WEEI said on their 20/20 news-flashes that their two FM stations will carry the game as well.

104.9 WBOQ out of Beverly will carry the WRKO/WEEI pre-game show, then switch to ESPN Radio for the game itself.

It's amazing how even though the Red Sox are in the World Series and have a very good chance of winning it, obviously, this season still feels kind of strange and... incomplete because of all the difficulties with the broadcasts. Puts a bit of a bad taste in my mouth for the season.