Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grabbing Obviousness By The Scruff Of The Neck

Holy Cow, that Glenn Geffner can bring the insight.

Last week, the Worcester Telegram previewed the ALDS, noting that Glenn was helping out on the pre and post-game shows on the radio and would be "announcing" the ALCS games. Here are a couple of bon mots offered by Glennski

“The Red Sox are lined up about as well as they can be,” Geffner said, “with everyone being rested and healthy. They’re got the three guys they want on the mound and they’ve got the home field advantage.”

Of the eight postseason teams, Geffner thinks the top four play in the American League, but he expects to see another Red Sox-Yankees ALCS. The hearts of fans may not be strong enough to handle that.

“It can be too much, the intensity,” Geffner said, “but that’s what October is all about. The thing about this rivalry is every time you think you’ve seen it all, they find a way to do something you’ve never seen before.”

Is that all you got, Glenn?

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