Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Past Is Prologue

Well, "we're" back.

After 10 days of expending messaging units in foreign countries following the RS 1) clinch the AL East (remember that?) and 2) rolling the LAAoA in the ALDS, the loins are girded for Glenn Geffner calling championship games. Oh, the horror.

There's a lot to catch up on, and I/"we" will do our best to feed you some treats before the Geffnothon begins Friday evening.

Warning: RS radio is planning as one hour pregame show for the ALCS, so that at least doubles 3x5's exposure before the game even begins.

Oh, the humanity.

On a personal note, there is nothing like following the RS at 5 am in a rural European setting only to refresh the screen to see that Manny has yanked one to win the game. Singing "Tessie" at breakfast while munching on prosciuto is something that everyone should experience.

Thanks again for checking this space during my/our "time away". Amazingly, the traffic held up despite the lack of postings.


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