Thursday, October 25, 2007

Remember, Kids

The flogship station is WRKO for tonight. That's the only way you can harness Glenn Geffner's energy out of the ether without paying MLB or XM.

Somebody gave me an idea for synching up the computer feed with the delayed broadcast on the DVR. It's so simple, that I have just displayed what a technical zero I am.

I look forward to marginalizing Tim McCarver, even at the risk of listening to Geffo.



ish said...

WRKO comes in a bit better than WEEI, which is nice. Although I've liked not having to listen to Geffo. And I will continue not to listen to him. But a little cup of Joe is good.

ish said...

WRKO = MLB whores. They're required to do all of the commericals that the national league stations are doing.

Glenn Geffner is making this game sound like some lazy summer evening single-A game. What a disgrace to the game. Of course, it would help if the crowd was into it.