Friday, October 26, 2007

Still Pounding Glenn

The petition to dump Glenn Geffner
is still plugging along.

The comments are mildly entertaining. Here are some new ones:

He may be a decent, smart guy, but he is less than qualified to call a baseball game on the radio. Additionally, there is no broadcast team chemistry, like there was with Joe and Jerry.

I don't even follow baseball too closely, but when I listen to a broadcast of the Red Sox, I want to hear Joe and Jerry! I was shocked when I didn't hear Jerry and thought, Oh my goodness, did he pass away??? [No, in fact he celebrated a birthday last week] That was the only circumstance I could imagine would separate these two commentators. It's a pretty big disappointment.

My personal favorite:

Geffner makes it very difficult to remain engaged with the flow of the game. His pronunciation is TERRIBLE and he thinks SPELLING is interesting.

He never shuts his mouth and it's drivel, oral diarrhea. My 14 year old son was annoyed!

This guy is a motor mouth. Needs to put brain in gear before putting mouth in motion.


Anonymous said...

hey how come they can't get remy or orsillo to do the radiocast w/ joe..i spend most of the time w/ geffner yelling "shut the f@#k up...scary part is the fox guys make him (gulp) a little less annoying then they are...

soxdownunder said...

and some chick called Anne (signature 306), possibly Australian, said:

"I agree with all that has been said this year on lc's marvellous"

I suspect she is lovable but rarely surely

LC said...

I am certain she is a good egg.