Monday, October 15, 2007

Taking Stock

The Ides of October........ what have we to look forward to?

1. One hour pregame featuring way too much of Glenn Geffner.
B. Another 5-hour crapathon.
3. Dice-K earning his $$,



or whatever he gets.

D. Glenn Geffner chirping in the 3, 4th and 7th inning.

It's tough to smile, ain't it.

1 comment:

ish said...

I was marginally okay with the whole setup, especially with my switching over to ESPN Radio for 3x5 innings. But Game 2 really did me in. I had this sinking feeling in my gut when I remembered they alternate in extra innings and there was a chance he could have called a walk-off home run.

But I listened to ESPN Radio then, and that was fine. I would have rather had a walk-off in the 10th than, of course, the 11th inning train derailment.

We'll see what Dice has to offer tonight... he likes the mound up there, apparently. Said it was comfortable. Sometimes I think he should just stop talking to people and go out and pitch.

And not nibble.