Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Why Oh Why?

Glenn Geffner will be broadcasting the World Series on the Red Sox flagship station.

Let that sink in.

Glenn Geffner will be broadcasting the World Series on the Red Sox flagship station.

He is everything that is wrong with this franchise. Fortunately, there are a lot more things right than wrong. His existence is the result of cronyism (thanks to that honk Larry Lucchino) that was rampant during the days of that whoring drunk Tom Yawkey and later with Dick O'Connell and Haywood [Jablowme] Sullivan.

Geffner is a passionless, ill-informed fact reciter, when we need a passion-filled baseball man at the mike.

Let's take for example game 7 of the ALCS. Red Sox win. Intern geffner gets to go down to the winning locker room. His first cut-in was to report that there was no one there, except people in RS Administration (who probably work for him).

His first interview is not with Dusty, Papi or even Alex [Cora's Corner] Cora.

No, it's with Mr. John Henry. Essentially, unless drunk, no player would give him the time of day.

I leave aside the fact that Larry, when on mike, could only recite bullshit about Red Sox Nation as if the ALCS celebration was an infomercial for his hideous marketing.

Ok, so the ALCS is over. Everyone is happy. By virtue of broadcast rights, Joe and Glenn are marginalized to the flagship.

So, I turn on NESN last night, because I have nothing bettter to do.



Do you people not get it? He is horrible. He can't even read copy that someone else has written for him. What is going on here?

And, of course, since Glenn was on the call during the 8th inning, his call is now a WEEI bumper.

Insult to injury, my friends.

make. him. go. away.


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