Thursday, October 25, 2007

World Series, Game 1

Nice showing by the bats. Beckett is a filthy red-ass. Nuff' said.

Given the delay problems matching up video(Fox) and audio(radio), I stuck with Fox last night for the most part. Would someone tell the all-knowing Tim McCarver that Youk knows how to play 3rd base, and pretty well?

Fox had a trivia question disguised as a "poll" to generate messaging units for some wireless provider.

The one thing that is interesting about Fox, indeed the only thing, is when they mike the umps. Hearing Montague talk to "josh" between innings talking about the slippery ball was nice.

At any rate, the Lords of Rocktober appear to just as advertised: the best AA team ever to appear in the World Series.

Now, Ken, of Fang's Bites referred to this humble little site as "the anti-Geffner blog" on Tuesday.
Ok, busted.

So, in honor of that sobriquet I took time from the mind numbing Fox broadcast (Hey, the guy on the couch has a dragon-tattoo-wearing girlfriend who wants him to take the stupid dog out-- get it?) to tune in the Red Sox flogship-of-the-day WEEI, and was treated to Glenn Geffner's call in the 6th (or was it the 7th).

At any rate, he was in championship form, as you might imagine. Records falling left and right on the strength of the offense. The boy was crankin' and I mean crankin' hard. Virtually unintelligible, but you got the sense that something good was happening. I guess that's all one can expect from Mr. 3x5.

Meanwhile, a political writer in Providence attended Game 7 and sat in the bleachers (not too far from where I sat the night before). Accordingly, he was treated to Geffner's blown call of the Kenny Lofton/Joel Skinner mess. here's his memorialization:

"They opened a 3-0 lead, but then it was 3-1 and then 3-2 and, as I listened to the radio from my Section 37, Row 20 bleacher seat, I heard Castiligione’s broadcast partner Glenn Geffner declare, “We’re going to have a tie ball game.” Well, sure, there’s Cleveland’s Kenny Lofton rounding third and about to come home but — wait! — the coach puts the brakes on him."

That's a beauty.

See you in the Series....

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