Friday, October 26, 2007

WS Game 2

Not even Glenn Geffner could destroy the pleasure of a tight, yet decisive win.

More importantly, others are discovering that Glenn is sub-par.

Take Susan Mullen for example, who concludes:

I will never buy any product advertised on Red Sox radio as long as Glenn Geffner is employed there. He is such a heinous choice--proof of the disconnect between baseball front offices and fans. And they take Joe Castiglione away from us.

And the Hartford Courant has woken up to the loss of Trup, finally:

It's a particularly bad time to be without their coverage. Castiglione -- a native of Hamden, after all -- just finished his 25th season of calling the Sox (though it was his first to do the games alternating with the bland Dave O'Brien and Glen Geffner -- where have you gone, Jerry Trupiano?).

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