Sunday, October 21, 2007

Glenn Geffner And ALCS Game 6

Yup, Game 6 was fun. I'm not gonna lie. I turned to the person next to me and observed that it was 10 pm and it was still the 3rd inning. Tough for the crowd to, um, keep focus, under such circumstances.

It was fun seeing Eric Gagne not yak up all over himself on the mound.

Being in the bleachers, I relied somewhat on the radio call to follow along, but not as much as I expected.

However, with my binoculars, I had a straight shot into the JoeC- Glenn Geffner broadcast booth, and here's what I observed:

1: If Glenn sat any farther away from Joe, he would be in the Fox broadcast booth. Honestly, Geffner looks like they put him at the kid's table at Thanksgiving.

2. There is a producer sitting next to Joe, relatively close, and Glenn is was way off to (their) left.

3. Looking at the booth between innings, I never saw Glenn or Joe make eye contact [small sample size admittedly]

Here's my favorite part: When Glenn is doing the PBP, he appears to be super-up with his hands hovering over the table, ready to snatch up a factoid and disgorge it. He actually looked like he was floating whilst waving his hands.

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