Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Go West, Young Man

Dr. Charles Steinberg's announcement that he will soon begin to bleed Dodger Blue leads to speculation that his (along with Luscious Lucchino) sponsorship of Glenn Geffner will affect Glennski's role with the ballclub.

There are several ways this could go:

1. As Dave Scott points out today,

the move could allow Glenn Geffner to move into more of a Doc Cuck [note: I think Dave meant "Chuck" but who knows] role and help make up for the lost dates he will have on-air as Dave O'Brien picks up more games next season. That way, Geff can stay on pay roll (either through Entercom or the Sox) and the team can explain away his reduced role in the booth, after a less than resounding debut season where he was overshadowed by O'Brien's great pipes.

That's all well and fine, but I hope Dave isn't just whistling in the dark on the heels of his report back in September that Dave O'Brien was going to pull greater duty with RSRadio in 2008. In short, I hope he's right, but O'Brien still has mega-duties with TAWWL and MLB International.

2. Glenn Geffner could haunt an even larger market, i.e. LA, since he has trolled around wherever Steinberg has been for the last few years. Of course, that's good for us in Boston, but less good for Tinseltown. First one to register the URL www.vinscullydeathwatch.com wins a prize.

3. Finally, 3x5 could be exposed for the hack we know he is, and someone with sense in RS Administration will just tell him to sign up for classes at the Saskatchewan School Of Broadcasting (Saskatoon Campus) and send him away.

Finally, here's a warning to all the 10's out there on the West Cost:
"Steinberg, who is single, plans to make Los Angeles his home after the New Year"

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