Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Joe C Lowers The Boom (In A Nice Way, Of Course)

Joe Castiglione (or, as Glenn Geffner would say, "Jokus Tiglione") was interviewed by the people at Sports Media Guide. He jams up Glenn Geffner pretty clearly, but leaves no finger prints:

Q. Is talking too much a concern?

A. Yes. You have to let it breathe. You have to back off of superfluous information when the game is on the line. Set the scene, the count, where the runners are, who are the runners and who is up next, who is up in the next inning. Anticipate what the audience wants to know - the audience wants to know the same things you want to know. If I'm watching a game I get irritated if they don't tell me who's up next and who's available to pinch hit. You have to focus on those things when the game is on the line. The rest of the time you might tell a story or laugh about something or come up with an anecdote. No game has the same pace - you have to change gears. Baseball is the only sport where the defense controls the ball.

He also, later on offered the required balm to Geffner:

Q. Do you miss not having Jerry Trupiano in the booth?

A. I missed him personally and as a partner but I enjoyed my new partners. The transition was seamless from my standpoint but that's something the audience has to judge. Both Dave (O'Brien) and Glenn (Geffner) are really good guys. We won the World Series - everything was upbeat.

Oooof, lets break that down:

"Jerry got fucked, and I didn't like it. The audience thinks Glenn Geffner sucks, but I can't say it. Anyhow, winning the World Series covers over a lot of pain"

Glad, I could help out, Joe.

The estimable Susan Mullen at her XM MLB Chat Blog read the same interview and reached a similar conclusion.

  • What the new breed of guys (like Geffner) doing baseball on radio have in common are:
  • They just aren't guys with personality.
  • They can't do give and take in a radio booth.
  • They stage their delivery in high pitch, shrill volume impossible to listen to.
  • Are often there for political reasons.
  • Are completely detached from the listener.

Ms. Mullen is not affiliated with XM, nor am I, although if Eric Logan wants to offer me a job, I'm in.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday.

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susan mullen said...

Is that a picture of Glenn Geffner holding your World Series trophy? How did he get anywhere near that trophy? It's got to be cleaned and polished immediately.