Saturday, December 8, 2007


To be sure, having essentially a one-focus forum means that content is truly driven by the season. However, the departure of The Dentist, C Steinberg did bring some joy into an otherwise bleak time.

Jay, at the appropriately branded Jay's Sport's Blog, broke out the bubbly for Dr. Teeth's departure for the West Coast, and posted a picture of Glenn Geffner, along with the following commentary:

Unsure who that grinning baffoon is? That’s Glenn Geffner. You might know him as the bag of doorknobs that took our beloved Jerry Trupiano from the WEEI Red Sox Radio Network. We can thank Uncle Chuck for that bang up job.

Well done, sir, well done.

Here in my world, I suppose I could post a group photo from an overnight boys' camp in upstate NY that may or may not contain a picture of 3x5, but that seems unnecessary, doesn't it?

I'm still waiting for my review copy of the 8 DVD set concerning the WS victory. Must have got lost in the mail.

I have resisted , as well, the temptation to rail about the fact that Glenn Geffner co-hosted the DVD release party at the Wang Center, along with Dan Roche.

Finally, in the holiday spirit, I acquired a new XM Unit for myself. By the time the season comes around in March (!), I will have mastered the ability to capture Geffner audio, edit it so as not to violate copyright laws, and be able to share some of his bon mots.


Jay said...

Thanks for the shout out


Steve said...

Did you know on the 8 dvd set during the world series game broadcasts you can change the audio program? You can pick FOX TV's call, the spanish call, the Rockies radio team or the Sox radio team. So they've exposed more people to the wonder that is Glenn Geffner