Friday, January 18, 2008


Yup, no need to keep flogging Glenn Geffner, who will report for his appointment with obscurity as #2 broadcaster with the Florida Marlins on March 1.

Chad Finn memorializes this watershed event in his usual fine form:

Okay, one more Sox item before we swing over to the Pats: Geffner's gone! GEFFNER'S GONE!!! WHEEEEE-HOOOOOOOO!!! BREAK OUT THE ZIMA, SOX GAMES ARE LISTENABLE AGAIN! (Deep breath. Fist pump! Okay, calm. YESSS! Calm. Deep breath.) Beyond the fact that even Joe Castiglione must be thrilled that his media guide-spewing, ridiculously unqualified sidekick is departing for a job with the Marlins, it's curious that another perceived underling/lackey of Larry Lucchino is out the door, not long after Dr. Charles took his patented schmaltz to Los Angeles. Hmmm. Almost makes you think Theo's running the whole show now, doesn't it?

For a few last laughs, feel free to review the comments for the Velvet Rope crowd, who were nearly as satisfied with this development as am I.

For the first time in my life, I am truuuuuuly happy!

Thank God

There are no words for how awful he was

And so forth...

So, now we face the futah.

We can

1. Just close the thing down

2. Devote ourselves full time to electing Jimmy Tide President of The United States in '08

3. Mercilessly beat up whatever poor fool does the few broadcasts that Dave O'Brien doesn't do in '08

4. Shift focus to the foibles of Red Sox fandom in the futah.

5. Sell the domain for its value (roughly $.79)




raccoonradio said...

Yes! Never again will we have to hear, "And the run scores, and
Red Sox are back to within 3
to 2" (?!?!?)

The King said...

Keep it going. I'm sure there will be more to talk about. Don't give up just yet.

Please post more information on how all of this went down.