Saturday, February 16, 2008

Almost Time

To move on, with laserlike focus on the 2008 season.

But the announcement of JoeDaveDaleJohn, the 2008 Radio Broadcast Team, caused a few authors to look back in angst at Glenn Geffner's time behind the mike.

And we will truly move forward once the promised Miami Herald article about the New #2 in Fishland is published, probably in the next few days (judging from a few recent hits on the site from the newsroom).

In the meantime, the ever-insightful Dave Scott took a look at the change with his usual professionalism. His piece is entitled Entercom Gets Its Compensation Pick For The Geffner Fiasco

The cost-cutting Entercommies obviously wanted to put in there own guy after being force-fed Sox booth pick, Glenn Geffner last season. (Geffner will be in the Florida Marlins’ radio booth this season).

and so on

Surviving Grady
(thanks for including me in your blogroll!) had this:

The Glenn Geffner era is over in Boston! Listening to games on the radio will no longer be an excercise in restraint. The wordy, stat-babbling bore has left the building. We've got Castig, Dave O'Brien, and now Dale Arnold sharing the coveted job of Red Sox radio-men. Bring it on.

And the the Velvet Ropers shared their insight.[ Note, if they would invite into the club I would be much nicer to them.]

What bothered me the most about Geffner was that he always seemed on the manic side of things - too many words in too small of a space, whereas Castig has mastered the art of "less is more".

On the other hand, how appropriate is it that
emot-barf.gif lenn emot-barf.gif effner is working for the Marlins, where his dull voice and utterly unintelligent commentary and perfunctory calls and stat reading will do the least harm. Well, ideally, Geffner should be the PA announcer at a prison, or unemployed.

Geffner was terrible. I think we all can concur that a 162 game schedule with O'Brien and Castiglione would be ideal but Arnold is O.K. IMO. I have met Dale Arnold and talked to him a few few times and although he is a bit pompous, he can admit when he is wrong, unilke most of the baboons on WEEI. He seemed to be very well prepared for his Bruins telecasts and has a pretty good voice.. They could have done much worse than Dale Geffner.

To me, the biggest problem with Geffner was that he had no sense of the flow of the game, no sense of timing. As an avid fan, you know when the team is in a critical spot, even if it's in the 4th inning. Geffner never seemed to get this. He'd come along and start spouting stats left and right when that was the last thing you wanted to hear.

Arnold said on his WEEI show today that he’ll be going with the team to Japan for the season opener over there, as well as for the first two games of the season in Oakland.

That last one is interesting. If he was only going to do 20-25 games, yet he's doing the first 4....Is ESPN/Obie backsliding already.

B y the way, although Dale Arnold doesn't have a large body of work in baseball, to my knowledge, I expect he will do fine.

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Steve M said...

from what Ive seen Dale will primarily do wednesday games.