Friday, February 29, 2008

Back Home

There's our guy, back home in Florida. Good for him, it looks like being away from Doc Chuck allowed 3X5 to push away from the buffet over the winter.

Here's the Miami Herald article that I mentioned earlier. It's a good read.

And Glenn finally got a chance to talk back to me:

A Boston fan who goes by the screen name Lou Clinton -- a now-dead former Red Sox outfielder -- created a blog last year solely to criticize Geffner's play-by-play work.

His beef: Geffner's stats-based broadcast style. The blog referred to Geffner as ''3x5,'' a nickname made to suggest he relied too heavily on notecards during games.

''I had the impression that Mr. Geffner used his reliance on stats as a crutch, to fill dead air, since he didn't possess a natural storytelling ability,'' the blogger wrote in an e-mail to The Miami Herald.

Geffner acknowledged his style is heavy on facts, but he said he also brings energy and excitement to the games.

''I probably do too much homework, but I'd feel naked if I wasn't overly prepared,'' he said. ``I always try to keep things comfortable in my delivery, try to tell the story of the game.''

Good luck to him, and I'll be listening on XM tomorrow at 1:30.



kzfone said...

He's South Florida's problem now. With five sports radio stations in the market, I'm sure he'll be criticized on at least one of them.

kzfone said...

By the way, what exactly is Goofie doing in that picture?

Steve M said...

kzfone: he appears to be calling himself out. Much like red sox fans everywhere did last season.