Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Opening Day

1. Matsusaka can't find the plate, and thus Rick Reed has a small strike zone.

2. The anime-like ball girls are a good addition.

3. Dale Arnold sounds ok. He resisted the urge for a home run call on a seemingly deep drive by Pedroia that died in right-center field.

4. Note to Bono and The Edge: If you are not getting royalties from the State Street commercials, you need a new copyright lawyer.


5. How do you like Manny now?

6. Dale Arnold did a good job. He gets a little tripped up when the runners are moving, but Joe C seems fully engaged [as opposed to his obvious disgust for the sound stylings of Glenn Geffner]


ish said...

i like the announcing tally you've got going.

you're right. dale has done a good job so far. and he'll get better. he knows the flow of the game and when to show excitement.

Peter said...

Yes the anime like ball girls were excellent.

Peter said...

(peter????? WTF)