Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another Opening Day (Like The Third This Year)

With apologies to Jimmy Cannon, Ray Fitzgerald and Ernie Roberts...Not that anyone asked but…This whole Opening Day thing is a little, much, no? I don’t blame the boys for being a bit weary. I am and I get to sleep in my own bed every night….Just how, exactly, does C Bucholz rate dating a supermodel?...This is not a good year for Varitek to lose his bat speed…I listened to Glenn Geffner on XM yesterday, and he still sucks…I’d like to get behind Nancy Drew, but if Tito is calling him out that can’t be good…Did anyone notice that Eric Hinske homered, walked and scored a second run Monday in his Rays debut?...It’s not the D Rays any more; something about satanic worship…Who is the guy in the RS FO that Bill James fingered in the 60 Minute piece, claiming he didn’t want to pick up Ortiz?...Manny may hit 60 dingers this year…Why does Joe Morgan have to be on my TV?

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