Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hey Hey. It's Opening Day!

Again. For like the fourth time.

Go Sawx

There's a nice story about the new WS Rings in today's Globe

I suppose Geffner will get one. Can I deliver it?


rich said...

Geffner stunk, O'Brien's okay, but shows poor commitment to showing up for every game. Dale Arnold sounds distractingly like Paul Lynde. And Jon Rish...don't get me started. If I hear him say "Top 3" instead of "Top of the 3rd" one more time I will scream.

ish said...

John Rish is doing the Celtics game on WEEI tonight.

ish said...

correction: WRKO.

He sounds more fit for NBA on radio than MLB on radio.

ish said...

...all that I ask for you, Dale Arnold, is you insert an "and" when you're saying what the count it. It's not three-two. It's three and two. Kthnx.