Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hold On, Just A Minute

This guy is not a big fan of The Dale:

"he is quite possibly the worst PBP guy in MLB"

Uh, no...

That's fine to have your opinion, as long as you agree with me, but not this:

"The man makes me wish for the days of Glenn Geffner"

Noo.. That's just wrong. It's like Charles Lindbergh wishing for the day he had lunch with Bruno Hauptmnn.

Or like the woman from Big Dan's wishing for someone to teach her to play pool.

Or like the kids at grade school hoping that Mark Parenteau gets a new radio gig and visits their school on Career Day.

Let Geffner be. Where he deserves to be. In obscurity.

1 comment:

Matt said...

Glenn was boring, but Dale can't describe the game. I'll take boring but descriptive any day.