Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It Took Less Than 24 Hours

Check this out

Geffner Stinks!

I can't stand listening to Glenn Geffner, he's awful. Now I know what the people in Boston are complaining about. He's boring, says nothing insightful and his voice is annoying. He sounds like a college kid on a student radio station. Makes me wish I could speak Spanish so I could listen to Felo.

Note: I don't even want to know who "Felo" is

[Thanks Peter]


Peter said...

You may not want to know, but you should know:


ish said...

I think Dave left the game after the fifth inning, most likely so as not to miss his flight to Yankeeland. Joe called the first inning, then turned it over to Dave for the second inning. Dave did 2, 3, and 4, then Joe took over for the rest of the game and that was the last I heard of Dave.

Maybe I missed something on the broadcast.

ish said...

No Dave today. In fact, there's no Dale Arnold, either. And John Rish is back in the studio. So, Joe is doing this game all by his lonesome, because of Dave being in New York.

That's amazing. That never happened last year. This year they have four broadcasters, and Joe's doing this game alone.

LC said...

You're right, ish. See today's entry. Very weird.

Michael said...

I'm a transplant, living in Jersey, but, keeping up via XM, I can't stand Geffner either. He's awful-too excited in the wrong places, not excited enough in the right ones.