Monday, April 21, 2008

Morning Baseball

Welcome to baseball in the morning, perhaps the most fun day of the year.

The calls with Joe C and Mr. Obie are getting good, and the RS are winning games.

Enjoy it


Joe and Dave sound great today. The flow was interrupted by the shill for AT&T, who brought nothing to the table other than the fact he is originally from North Branford, Ct.

Note to in-booth guests: if your rejoinder to a baseball comment consists of "Absolutely", you have no business being there.


rich said...

Guests in the booth are NEVER a good idea. If you want to promote the Jimmy Fund, just have Joe C. read a short, heartfelt script, and leave it at that. There's a reason some people are actual radio professionals and some are not: because the ones who are not are BORING! All this small talk! Ugh!!

Don't get me wrong, the fellow from AT&T actually seemed like a decent guy, better than, say, the CEO from Giant Glass, but still...

Wait, he's not even promoting a Jimmy Fund connection? Then WHY is he there? The Marathon? Because AT&T advertises on Red Sox games? Because fan loyalty breeds brand loyalty?!? ...I think not.

ish said...

I think Joe and Dave making fun of Mr. Hankie is getting funnier by the day.

Joe: Who does he want to have [as a setup man], Kyle "mop up" Farnsworth? (laugher)