Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Too Bad

That the Cleveland part of the schedule is over until September. Those boys look like they haven't gotten over the railing that the RS gave them in October.

So, now we turn to the meat of the matter.

Dave O'Brien has called 5, maybe six, games in a row with Joe C. We are finally getting what we deserved when they fired Jerry Trupiano...namely consistency.

Dave and Joe are much better together when they have a shared memory of the recent games. When Dave pops in and out of the schedule, he is not as familiar with the details of the RS trials and performance as he is when he is there for all the games. That's understandable, but since a baseball season is a play with 162 acts, each game becomes a reference point for what follows. If the story-teller has gaps in his knowledge, the story doesn't get told.

So, thanks to dave for being there, and we hope it continues.

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