Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Up A Rope

Believe me, I understand that in these days of monetization of all things RS, I am peeing up a rope on this one, but is there any way to put a stop to the paid in-game appearances from executives of advertisers?

No? I didn't think so. As mentioned in yesterday's entry, a gentleman from at&t sat in in the (5th?) inning to talk about what exactly? The fact that at&t has a marginally shitty signal and still gets over $300 a me for 4 handsets? That the Verizon guy is a little light in his Moto? That they ran out of capital letters when at&t took over Cingular again?

No, the very nice gentleman from at&t was on to say that at&t is proud to be sponsoring RS baseball this year, as well as the Marathon, which was going on as he spoke and which we weren't listening to.

Actually, he said the same thing about 7 times in his 13 minute appearance. Otherwise, whenever Joe C made a declarative statement about baseball, the elegant at&t guy cleverly rejoined, "absolutely".

Gratefully, Joe C didn't say: John Marzano died and he spent a good deal of time gravytraining off of Roger Clemons.

In fact as Ed Romero was to Jim Rice, John Marzano was to Roger Clemons.


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