Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Great Day For Baseball

Sox Sweep ?

We'll see.

Did Timlin actually get a save?

Today, first 2008 trip to the ballpark for the undersigned.

The last one was the game against the Indians in the playoffs in which JD Drew hit a dinger in the first.

ps It's Still Not Tribe Trime.

Beckett pitches. Last time I saw him live was his last AA game up in Portland Maine with the Portland C Dogs, when he was a Marlins property.

ps It's Still Not Tribe Trime.

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Steve said...

During Game Two last night Joe C talked with Obie about meeting this kid in Maine the other day named Jacob Allen. Seems Jacob does impressions of Joe C, Obie and even John Rish.

There was no word on if he has mastered the Church Lady or 3x5.