Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Manny Haiku

Ovah the shouldah
Manny high fives a fanboy.
Doubles up runnah.

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ish said...

Just got back from Cabella's. Got an autograph from Joe and one from Mike Timlin. Joe was his normal self, no surprises (though it was funny when they unveiled a bronze moose out in front of the store and he said, "the moose is loose."). I had a newfound respect for Mike Timlin just by seeing him sitting there, very patient and warm and genuine. Makes you forget that he's a baseball player who's being paid to sign autographs. He made it seem like there was nowhere else in the world he'd rather be.

Joe had been at it with the autographs for about an hour when I got around to him. He said "it's gotta be brutal up here in the winter." I didn't point out that we were only 100 miles away from Boston. He was his usual warm and nice self, like on the radio, but he definitely seemed to be on autopilot.

His most excited moment when emceeing was when he announced that on Friday Carl Yastrzemski will be at Cabella's signing autographs.

I think it (and Arby's afterward) was worth the 45 minute trip.