Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Old and Older

I am writing this before I check the usual sources today, so you will probably read this a lot, but you have to love a first place team that wins a game when the average age of their pitchers in the game is 42.

Tim Wakefield had some of the freakiest stuff going last night.

Now, for a word from the future:

"hey Republican strategists, go eat dirt".

That's also a memo from now, from me.

No one cares about my political views, nor should they, but I was infuriated by one of the talking assholes (literally, I thought it was an anus with eyes) on CNN last night. I don't like CNN either, but Ms. Obama's orange suit was hallucenogenic on HD, so I was watching there. Plus Keith Olbermann is an indivdual for whom contempt is wasted, so anyway.

Donna Brazile, who's hair is also startlingly galvanizing in HD
stepped up and told the GOP spinners to go shit in their hats. As GOP strategist Alex
Castellanos, in an obvious attempt to cast aspersion upon Barack
Obama, invoked the names of William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright
completely out of context, Donna Brazile forcefully stepped in and tore
Alex a new one. "That's beneath you", Brazile said.

And then, the windup and the pitch:

Brazile: "Democrats will unite because we are talking about wars that are based on lies"

Castellanos: "Two planes going into buildings isn't a lie."

That fucker.

That's all you need to know about the Republican establishment. They justify their masturbatory excursions in Iraq and Afganistan on nothing more than 9/11.

Revenge, pure and simple. If we suffered, then those dirty people "over there" must suffer, regardless of their connection to 9/11.

What a total crock of shit.



Here's a transcript of the exchange:

CASTELLANOS: He was a much broader reaching candidate when this
process started. And now I think it’s fair to ask: Would the people you
that see in Barack Obama’s life be the same people you see in his
administration? Would you see Bill Ayers? Would there be people like
Reverend Wright?

The answer may be no, by the way.

BRAZILE: Alex now you — that is so small, Alex. That’s so small.

CASTELLANOS: No, but I’m saying that whether — the answer may be
no. But the question is certainly out there for a lot of voters.


BRAZILE: Will he take us to war on a lie and see all of our troops
die on a lie? And not ask for forgiveness?

CASTELLANOS: With plane’s crashing into a building –

BRAZILE: Come on, Alex. Don’t do that.

CASTELLANOS: Planes crashed into a building. It was not a lie.

BRAZILE: You all want to make a superficial conversation, not a
real, substantive conversation. Let’s make it about substance and not
do this.

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ish said...

Late last night things were definitely cooking on CNN. The mayor of Hammond, Indiana (Clinton supporter) was ripping into the mayor of Gary, Indiana (Obama supporter) on why the voting results weren't being trickled in throughout the evenings from Lake County (where both Hammond and Gary are in) but were being held back while the absentee votes were being counted.

Hammond Mayor: "I went into a polling place today and asked how many votes had been cast, and they went to their computer, pressed a button, and told me, '185'. It's a computer. Why can't you press a button and tell everyone what the results are from the machines while you're counting the absentee votes?"

Gary Mayor: "Like I've said, we have eleven thousand early votes that need to be counted. The votes will be counted and when they do we'll share them with the community."

Hammond Mayor: "But... it's a computer."

In other news, sounds like we'll be hearing John Rish tonight instead of the Church Lady. WEEI said "Joe Castiglione and John Rish have the call tonight on WRKO."