Thursday, May 1, 2008

Report From The Front

[Thanks to RS Administration for checking us out today]

As promised, I invested some time into listening to Glenn and Dave Van Horne calling the Marlins game last night.

Unbeknownst to me, the Marlins lost to the Dodgers, 13-1. A beauty.

Trust me folks, you haven't lived life until you hear Glenn call a game solo in which the other team bats around. Truly a tragic moment. Or, rather 37 minutes.

Non-stop recitation of marginally relevant fact and figures, as always

The Dodgers have a guy named Chin-lung Hu. Or "Hu" as he is known. You can imagine the hilarity that ensued when he pinch hit.

As in "Guess Hu's up?" and so on.

Also, Glenn managed to stretch a Bennihana promotion ($10 off something if you bring in a receipt from Bennihana) for an entire three batter inning.

You're welcome


soxdownunder said...

I admire your dedication, lc, even as I worry about your sanity.


LC said...

I'm fine, thanks

kzfone said...

You listen to Goofie so we don't have to.