Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weirdness 2.0

These West Coast games are trying my patience.

Couldn't sleep last night, so I got up, and started listening to Obie and Joe.

Bottom 4th, Sox in the field. Matsusaka leaves with unspecified "shoulder fatigue". Bartolo Colon, come on down!

David Aaaaaaaaaarsma comes on.

Lugo (who is playing in the field as shortstop, mind you) gets thrown out 0f the game bitching about a blown call by the 3rd base umpire. Ump says batter didn't go around on a swing.

Joe says "I've never seen that before", which is also unusual.

Then Francona gets tossed for arguing about Lugo getting tossed.

At that point, I am rendered sleepy.

Sox lost, 4-3, by the way.

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ish said...

My guess is he's going to stick with the Red Sox this week. Normal Wed. night baseball crew was at Chicago last night with Berman subbing for Obie, it seemed. (Berman, Sutcliffe, and Erin Andrews)

Another ESPN game in Chicago tonight.