Friday, June 13, 2008

Better Than

Some guy who makes it sound like he knows what he is talking about ranked all 30 radio broadcast teams recently.

Out of 30, Joe and Dave ranked 6th, with the following comment:

Joe Castiglione is another voice that oozes history and local charm. Dave O'Brien is better suited for TV, but I like him anyway.

And in 27th place Dave Van Horne and Glenn Geffner:

They try, but their enthusiasm exceeds their talent


ish said...

Who was #1? John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman?

Steve M said...

I am far from impressed with his rankings and his reasonings except for listing Sterling/Waldman dead last.

He says Bob Uecker should at more like his Harry Doyle charecter. Wasnt that the whole point it as a "charecter' andhe was "acting"?

I'd love to know what his background in broadcasting is that he feels comfortable enough rating broadcast teams. Some of his logic is kinda weak.