Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dale! Dale! Dale!

Is back, as Mr. Obie covers his usual Wednesday night ESPN slot.

It's not as if Dale is bad, it's just that, well, you get used to one set of rhythms between Joe and Dave, then a new set is jarring.

Also, you can sublimate the relentless in-inning drops with the regular crew, since you have heard them so many times before. But, with a new voice, the ASEK Caught Looking Inning (simply by way of example) seems even more intrusive.

On the Pedroia's blown (by the umpire) home run call in the 1st, Dale would simply not let it go.

Oh Noooooooooooo. First an infomercial for Jimmy Fund license plates.

And now another guy babbles about some (very wonderful, no doubt) program while the game proceeds incidentally in the backgound)

Oh wait, the guy is related to Mark Shapiro, GM of the Indians. I'm sure he's a nice guy.

Where's the game?

Is there a game on?


The third inning rolls around and there is someone else, probably someone I've even heard of talking about the Celtics. I couldn't take it any more.

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Steve M said...

I was waiting for Joe to whack Dale over the missed HR. Dude we heard it the first time it's not changing anything.

Those Mike Andrews and the registry lady as well as Dave Shapiro, Mark's brother, also made the NESN tour.