Sunday, June 29, 2008

Open Letter To Dave O'Brien

Dear Mr. O'Brien;

I enjoy your broadcasts. I know you are one of us and that you met Ken Coleman one afternoon in Keene NH when you were running the board for the local radio station and Ken Coleman stopped in to promote the Jimmy Fund.

Also, that you live in NH.

You have great pipes.

In addition, you are not Glenn Geffner, which is a major plus.

However, I have a request: on days like today when Joe Castiglione's voice sounds like someone is skinning his dog alive in front of him, due to Red Sox malperformance, you need to help him out.

Today in the 9th inning, when Joe was moaning about 12 LOB's and whatnot and so forth, he was inconsolable.

Dude, jump in.

All you said in the 9th was "that last was from Valverde clocking at 98 miles per hour".

Joe needed solace. Help him out.

Your pal,


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