Tuesday, June 24, 2008

RemDog and Sean McDonough

I sat and watched the "festivities" for Jerry Remy Day before tonight's game.

It was lackluster, but you don't care what I think about that.

An awkward moment came at the end of the event when Remy went through the crowd of "friends" who had assembled on the field.

One of them was Sean McDonough, who called TV games with Remy for a few years.

Remy shook everyone's hand but McDonough. He ignored him. Didn't make a move toward him and made no contact at all.

I checked the DVR several times, and it was cold

In a related observation, Remy has been doing games for 20 years. Joe C has been doing it for 26 years. Joe don't get crap, does he? That doesn't seem right...


Steve M said...

The reason behind Joe not being honored has to be because he isn' the leader of some made up fan club that is claiming sovereignty. Plus the Sox own NESN not WRKO/WEEI.

I doubt the Entercommies are smart enough to even realize how long Joe has been there. Hell they probably can even hear him because their ears are still ringing from all the yelling in the afternoon on the fat show.

Cole Kenman said...

Steve is right, that's exactly the reason.

Have to note I didn't see the whole Remy ceremony and am quite surprised he would've acted so coldly to McDonough, given that Sean was responsible for giving the "RemDawg" that nickname in the first place. Only reason I can think of bad blood between the two would be that perhaps Sean felt that Jerry didn't go to bat hard enough for him when his job was on the line. Regardless, I always thought Remy was at his best with McDonough and at least I did hear him say that about his former on-air partner.