Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday. Dale. Chipper. Lots Of Material

What do you expect from me? Dale is jarring in contrast to O'Brien.

He is efforting greatly, but generally falls short.

Example: "Johnson's pitch is high. It misses the mark"

That's redundant. By the same token, a pro would say "Johnson's pitch misses the mark high"

There, the "high" is descriptive of the rest.

Meanwhile Boston Sports Media Watch is doing one of their approval polls on Dave O'Brien today, and he is deservedly faring well.

Of course, some of the commenters are taking the oppurtunity to bash Glenn Geffner, and who can blame them?

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Steve M said...

The 15-year old (insert regional grocery store chain name here) junior broadcaster from Franklin NH had better pipes than Dale and he even admitted the kid sounded better.