Thursday, July 17, 2008

Classy Guy

Circuitously, word has reached me that Brian Trupiano, son of Jerry Trupiano, has visited this space. That's interesting, but more so is a comment that Brian left on another blog in response to a comment that that blogger, Kevin Gibbons, had left here.

Given the fact that 38cliches is sometimes judgmental and profane (indeed relentlessly so), I wouldn't expect Jerry or someone speaking for him to weigh in here, but you have to respect Brian's sentiment, expressed in the comment on the other blog:

Here's how Brian's message appeared.

A friend emailed me the website and as i am reading through it i noticed a posting that you mentioned you miss hearing my father behind the microphone for the Red Sox. I would really like to thank you for the kind words, I ask my father from time to time what do you miss most about the job? "His reply, was the fans of Boston, thier passion for the game and for thier team." My dad never got to say goodbye to the fans of Boston. He wishes very much that he could. So from the Trupiano family, thank you kevin for your loyalty, and to the millions in Red Sox nation you will forever hold a place in our hearts.


Brian Trupiano

Well done, sir.

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