Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dale Dale Dale

Sitting in the catbird seat, the overeager (Beckett bowling maybe be tonight, no it's tomorrow), mawkish (he choked up at the veteran's ceremony designed to assure a sell-out during the day game) and bubbly ("he didn't miss him by much, though"), our least favorite member of the broadcast crew, is Dale Arnold.

I'll try to update with incisive comments, or not.


Ok, babseball is not fair.

Baseball cannot be explained.

we get it.


Dale, stop telling us about all the stuff you don't understand.

or that you played Legion Ball in Maine

[final update]

Well, that was a slog. Sox win with 6 field goals.

As for Dale, well, let's just say he is starting to exhibit signs of Geffneritis. To the point, Dale pointed out that, up to the 7th inning he had made the call for all the runs (which turned out not to be true). This was a typical Glenn Geffner move. How many times last year did he take credit for big innings because he was gracing us with his PBP? Answer: A lot.

Dale also gave a big shout out to his peeps at Papoose Pond in Waterford, Maine, where he spent his vacation last week, listening to Joe, Obie and John Rish.

He said he wishes he was still there. (rim shot)


Anonymous said...

When Dale is doing play-by-play, he sounds a bit too much like a TV announcer, reading a caption ("Pedroia... Youkilis... two down") rather than painting the whole picture. And then the fact that he's not describing enough of what's going on gives him too much free time for idle chatter.

That said, listening to Dale is still far better than listening to GG, for the simple reason that Joe seems to truly enjoy chatting with Dale. Yes I wish they'd spend a little more time on the game and less time discussing "flew out" or "Rs B I", but the Dale games still sound like Joe and Dale are having fun together at the ballpark, and that's contagious, just like the Joe and Glenn gloom was.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Dale didn't mention his "scholly" to the University of Miami. Believe it or not, but Dale claimed he had a full ride to Miami, but, he gave it up to marry his wife.

TThe guy is a effin fraud.

I hate his whiny arse!