Wednesday, July 16, 2008


More days without ball. Games that end at breakfasttime.
Fear not, folks, I have been saving up a goody for today.
Glenn Geffner. Glenn Geffner. Glenn Geffner. You're prayers have been answered.

Here's a link to an interview with Glenn Geffner on some two-bit sports talk show.

Yes, I listened to it. Our boy Glenn sounds a little lost in South Florida. He was calling from San Diego, where he waxed humbly on his time in the booth, not aware that we already know he was booted out of there.

Enjoy (?)

Note: if you listen carefully, you will see that he appeared live at 4:16 am on the "Nightcast".

Still not ready for prime time, or even waking hours.

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rich said...

The NL last won an All-Star Game in 1996. To give an idea how long ago that was, Dante Bichette was the starting rightfielder. Three players from that game are already in the Hall of Fame (Cal, Wade & Ozzie). One is dead (Caminiti). Chipper Jones was the only 1996 starter to also start the '08 game.