Friday, July 11, 2008

Manny's In The Game

My cover's been blown.

It has been reliably reported that the person Manny is talking to in this picture is me.

I can confirm.

Transcript follows:

MR24: Hola, dude.

LC: My Man, Manny

MR24: Sup.

LC: Se trata de colgantes, Bro

MR24: Nice

LC: u got it ManRam,¿Cómo puedo servirle a usted

MR24: Dude, you are a fictional person who has found inner peace whilst being monumentally pissed off at all the honks, losers, geffners, and boneheads of the world. How can I get a piece of that action?

LC: I'll hook you up, this is just between you and me, k?

MR24: Estoy con él

LC: alright, listen up, my badass brotha.

MR24: k.

LC: You know that wooden thing that you carry around with you that you nicknamed Lucky Louie?

MR24: Ya Juliana loves that thing.


MR24: Jus' playin' wif you dude.

LC: I get jokes.

MR24: Sure you do.

LC: Back to Lucky Louie

MR24: I loved that show, too bad it was canceled.

LC: Dude, pay attention.

MR24: I'm with you, homes.

LC: Your bat.

MR24: My bat.

LC: arrange for it to hit the ball where the other gentlemen on the field can't catch it. Every time. That's the secret to eternal salvation. Think of the ball as your personal enemy. Put Dale Arnold's face on it if you want.

MR24: I can't draw good.

LC: Metaphorically speaking.

MR24: I get metaphors.

LC: Sure you do.

MR24: So, that's the secret? Thanks, brotha man.

LC: See you in the Series.

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