Thursday, July 24, 2008

Off day

speaking for myself, which is hard since i'm not a real person, but anyway, the mfy coming to town doesn't really do much for me. i know that the rs are a good team and should win, but if they don't, that's okijima for ya. i have tickets for sattidy's game, and i don't know i just looked at the forecast and it looks rainy and do i really want to be sitting at the end of a day night dubblheader at like midnight and wondering how im going to get home and stuff and timmmys pitching and thats always disappointing and then i saw timlin warming up in the 11th and im like whoa nelly that guy is still on the team and he is as old as me and also as done as me and fuckin masterson is nails but after that what are you gonna do.

i guess i'm sort of ambivilent which is bad because if you lack feelings you are dead and who wants to be dead and all that like heath ledger who was pretty good in batman but wait they called it the dark knight but which one was the knight and wasnt the joker darker but when he said he was going to make that pencil disappear i was like ohoh and then he slammed the large black gentlemens face on the table and sure enough the pencil disappeared in the eye socket [spoiler alert] plus Maggie Gyllenhall isn't hot enough to be fighting over and heath didn't get to boink her like he did her brother so whats that all about.


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susan mullen said...

Glenn Geffner was just on Charley Steiner's show on XM, the last guest. I only caught the last minute or so, enough to hear Glenn hasn't changed. It was nice for Steiner because he could just relax and let Glenn talk til the show was over, which he did.