Monday, July 14, 2008


And so begins the All Star Break. It is actually worse than three days without baseball, because following the AS Break, your first place BRS go to the West Coast, to Anaheim and Seattle. This means games in the middle of the night, when only drunks and 12 year olds can listen. Being neither, I am SOL.

Of course, the Saturday game in Anaheim is a Fox, blechh, game, so that will be seen in semi-daylight. The Sunday game is listed at 6p.m. Eastern, which is peculiar.

The getaway game in Seattle is primetime afternoon drive, so we will get the boys when we can.

Not to bring up a tired, sensitive subject, but faithful readers will recall that in the week after the All Star Game last year, Joe C went away, presumably on vacation and we were treated to the now long-forgotten, except by me, broadcast team of Dave O'Brien and Glenn Geffner for a weeks worth of games.

One can only imagine what's in store later this week, and we pray for Joe to have gotten his midseason vacation out of the way during the All-Star Break.


soxdownunder said...

Drunks, twelve year olds and those with the internet who live in different time zones... mercifully I qualify on two of three bases

to quote a sage, your welcome...

soxdownunder said...

sorry, make that 'you're'